Turkey (2001)

Tekirdağ Meeting


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1 Cattle, Sheep And Goat Breeding
2 Molecular Biology
3 Ruminant Nutrition
4 Simple Stomach and Poultry Nutrition
5 Animal Diseases
6 General Animal Production

Balkan Animal Science Committee BASC 1st General Assembly

Tekirdağ Decleration of Participants of Meeting of the Representatives of the Balkan Countries on the Intention and Decision of Establishing Balkan Animal Science Committee (BASC)

The following statements summarize the results of the round table meeting (Edirne 7.6.2001 Thursday 15:00pm) of the first joint meeting of departments of Animal Science of Balkan Countries (BALNIMALCON 2001) organized by Trakya University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science (June 6-8 2001 Tekirdağ-TURKIYE) at Edirne for the theme of ''Cooperation Between Balkan Countries on Animal Science''

Professor Nikolai Todorov(Bulgaria) has been explained principles and framework of Balkan cooperation in field of animal science , and its extension. These principles are described below. They will come into force after approvals by the representatives of the four countries establishing BASC.

  • The aim of BASC is to help member countries to strengthen relationship and international cooperation in benefit of development of animal science, education and extension of knowledge in the region.
  • The BASC is an open organization for all department of faculties of animal science in all Balkan countries, which accepted statements, and signed this declaration research institutes, and extension services dealing with animal science may participate also in BASC activities.
  • Members are not obliged to pay any membership fee. Every department or faculty member is paying expenses connected with its activities in framework of this declaration. Department of the President of BASC will cover expenses of sending letters to members and any other expenses connected with his activity.
  • The BASC activities will not overlap or replace EAAP activity in the region, but will rather complement it.
  • The BASC may contact governmental and non-governmental organizations in Balkan region, European Union, EAAP and other organizations and express common scientific opinions on problems connected with development.

The following signs are for the approval the principles expressed above. The approvements were done by telex. Prof.Nikolai Todorov(Bulgaria), Prof. Andreas Georguidis(Greece), Prof.Gheorghe Margincan(Romania), Prof.Dr.M.I.Soysal(Turkiye) would organize the signing process on the same page of their countries participants respectively. After completing the whole signs, the last declaration form will be sent by Prof.Dr.M.Ihsan Soysal to each participant.



Prof.Dr.Nikolai TODOROV Bulgaria
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ivan STANCOV Bulgaria
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ivan GEORGIEV Bulgaria
Prof.Dr.Andreas GEORGOUDIS Greece
Prof.Dr.Christina LIGDA Greece
Prof.Dr.Georghe MARGINEAN Romania
Prof.Dr.Condrea DRAGANESCU Romania
Prof.Dr.Alexandru SONEA Romania
Prof.Dr.Stefan POPESCU VIFOR Romania
Prof.Dr.Metin YENER Turkey
Prof.Dr.M.Ihsan SOYSAL Turkey
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Muhittin ÖZDER Turkey



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