Turkey (Tekirdağ Meeting)

Session 1: Cattle, Sheep And Goat Breeding

Report Name


Researches Concerning the Creation of Palas Sheep Population Specialized For Milk Production R. Radu, G.P. Vicovan, C.A. Pivoda, A. Enciu
Infuluence of Restricted/Unrestricted Feeding on the Production Performance of Growing Brown Cattle S. Pop, M. Nicolae, C. Dragomir. A. Cal
Incomes And Maximization of Profit of Faitened Calves in Reference With The Mannei of Breeding And Buying R. Otouzbirov, I. Georgiev
Gene Frequencies At 3 Loci of Blood Groups in Romanian Catde D.M.Eftenie
Farm and Semifaim Breeding of Game Mammals and Birds in Bulgaria P. Jusev, G. Penev
Efficiency of the Test Day Animal Model i:i Dairy Ewes H.Grosu, P.A. Oltenacu, C. Draganescu
Fertility of Breeding Heifers Fed on Milk Replacer M. Th. Paraschivscu, N.Ilinca, D.M.Consiantinescu, Judith Vcress
Precocity and Fertility of Brown Cows A. Pop, O. Plugaru, A. Pop. C. Plugaru
Quantity Parameters of Meat Production For Intensive Fattened Young Bulls L. Eftimiu, E. Semina, L. Radulescu, D. Ciurescu
Selection Improvement of Milk Production at Karakul Sheep V. Tafta, A. Sonea. E. Filoti
Some Aspects Or Mechanical Milking in Romanian Buffalo N Cristea, D. Colceri, A. Bota
A Way to Improve Romanian Black and White Cattle Using High Yielding Cows C.Manole, E. Florescu
Genetic Aspects on Mastitis Level in Romanian Dairy Cow D.Colceri, N.Cristea., E. Florescu, P. Dan, I Godja
The Influence of H gh Temperature Against Few Reproduction Indices At Romanian Black Spotted Heifers D.Bolocan, L. Radulescu, H.Macar ie ,D. Constantinescu
Skin Histostructurc: and Inheritance of Histostructural Characteristics of Furred Skin From Intensively Fattened Lambs in the Republic of Bulgaria K. Sivkova, Stankov
Dynamics in Body Weight and Fertility Rates in Merino Sheep and Their Crosses by Booroola/Ile de France With Regard to Optimising Weight Gain and Fertility R. Ivanov Slavov, I .Ivanov Georgiev, J. Minkov Dimitrov, P. Koleva Slavova
Strategic Grounds and Directions for the Management of the Productivity in Animal Breeding I. Georgiev, V. Stankov
Induction of Estrus in Goats During Estral Season by Natural Andropheromones I.Nicolov, S.Georgiev, V.Atanasov, GMichailova. Yu. Nestorova, M Hristov.M.Karadochev
Estimation of Genetic Trend in Chios Sheep With a Multitrait Animal Model Ch. Ligda,. T. Papadopoulos
An Investigation on the Relationship Between Carcass Weight and Body Measurement by Path Analyses Soysal M.İ, Ü.Dcğru, E.K.Gürcan
New Sheep Typ.es Obtained by Crosbreding in Western Anatolia and Trache(Balkan Region Of Turkey) M Kaymakçı, M Özder, T. Taşkin, E. Köycü
Detoxification of Plant Toxins by Genetic Engineering of Rumen Bacteria M. S. Ekinci, R. Aydin
The Review of Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics Studies on Cattl; in Turkey. A. Onenc, A. Kaya
Studies on the Genetic Constitution of Bhck and White Dair Catties Raised in Tahirova State Farm Y. T. Tuna