Turkey (Tekirdağ Meeting)

Session 6: General Animal Production



A Method for Quantative and Qualitative E stimation of Artificial Sweet Additions :o Acacia Bee Honey N. P. Takuchew 'D. R Dinkov, H. J. Daskalov
Restructuring of Export of Animal Products in Bulgaria R. Trendafilov
Incomes and Maximization of Profit from fattened Calves in Dependence on the System for Breeding and Buying R. Otouzbirov, I. Georgiev
Strategic Basis and Directions in the Productive and Effective Management in S.tock-Breeding I. Georgiev, V. Siankov
Studies on the Body Measurements in Romanian Sport Horses Used in Jumping Competitions E.L.Bochif, G. Stanciu, L. T. Cziszter. I Popescu
Calve Behaviour at Brown Cows A. Pop, O. Plugaru, A. Pop, C. Plugaru
Analysis of the Return on Capital in Dairy Production Y. Yarkova
A Study on the Specific Optical Rotation of Bee Honey from Bulgaria D. Dinkov, H. Daskalov N. Takuchev
Research on Methods of Economic Value Estimation in Romanian Black and White Dairy Cows A. Florescu ,E. Florescu ,C. Manole
A Comparative Study on Bombyx Mori L. Crosses Given Artificial Diet M. V .Panayotov
Effect of the Developmental Stage of Grass Species on Composition and Nutritive Value of Natural Sward P. Todorova, M Todorov
Yeast Culture Treated Meat to Enhance Consumer's Food Safety A. Gurita, Gh. Gkenuche, L. Eftimiu, L. Radulescu
Study on the Technological Characteristics of Furred Skin from Intensively Fattened Lambs in the Republic of Bulgaria I. Stankov, K. Sivikova
A Study Aerobic Stablty of Silages Treated With Microbial Inoculant Containg Lactic Acid Bacteria C .Polat, İ.Y. Yurtman. F. Koç, L. Coşkuntuna, M.L. Özdüven
An Investigation on the Describing Weight, Body Measurements-Age Relationship in Pure Breed Arab Horses W ith Linear and Non Linear Models Soysal M. İ, E. K Gürcan
Determination of Meat Consumption Habit in Tekirdağ and the Effect of Mad Cow and Foot-and-Mouth Disease on Red Meat Consumption M Ö. Azabağaoğlu, Y. Oraman
Optimum Environmental Conditions in Dairy Cattle Barns İ. Kocaman
Effect of Lecithin Supplement into the Diet on Reproduction Eiuffalo Heifers Gh Salageanu, A Bota. L. Gheltu; S Grigoraş
The Breeding Season of Greek Sheep Breeds Menegatos J., Lainas T., Chadio S., Nikolaou E.
Conservation and Management of Local (Ciossbred) Cattle Populations in Greece K. Fragos, Ch. Ligda, A. Georgoudis
The Rare Horse and Pony Breeds of Greece Menegatos J.
Condition of Barns in Tekirdağ Region C. B. Şişman, A. N. Yüksel
The Effectiveness of Bumblebees in Greenhouse Vegetable Pollination S. Altıntaş, U. Bal
The Grazing Capacity of the Musabeyli Village's Range and it's Importence for Livestocks of Village C. Tuna
An Econometric Analysis of Production Costs for Breeding Farms in Trakya Region İ.H. İnan. G. Unakıtan, C. Demirkol