Romania 2011

Section 4:Technologies of Animal Husbandry, Marketing

Report Name


Estimation of Productive Qualities of the Moldavian Type of Black and White Breed Chilimar Serghei
Researches about Influence of Feed Paramethers on Slaughtering Performances in Free-Range Chickens Custura Ioan
Romanian Present Situation and Perspectives of Poultry Meat Production and Consumption in European and International Context Ilie Van
Results of Study about Profile of Candidates to the Faculty of Animal Prodcution During 2008-2011 Ilie Van
Study of the Incubation Parameters in the "Baloteşti" Quails Population Ionita Lucian
Radio Frequency Identification Applied to the Pig Meat Production Chain Lungu Sorin
Obtaining the Necessary Living Food for Rearing the Turbot (Psetta Maxima Maeotica) in its Early Life Stages Nita Victor
Endoparasites of Goats in Spread Belgrade Area in Period 2009-2010 Pavlovic Ivan
Performance in Meat Production of Young New Zeeland Rabbit According to Growth Season Pirvulet Cristina
Phenotypic Correlations between Egg Weight and One Day Old Chick Weight Depending on the Age of Ross 308 Hens Pirvulet M.
Biometric Charavteristics of a Game Pheasant Population from the Ghimpati Pheasantry, Giurgiu County Popescu Miclosanu Elena
Research on the Situation of Agricultural Land and Livestock Exploited in the Organic System in European Union Raducuta I
The Evolution of Sheep Meat Production in the World and European Union Raducuta I
Research on Prodcution Performance of Crossbredewes Produced from the Crossing with Rams of the Breed Turcana German Black Head Influence on the Economic Efficiency of Farm Rosu Nicoleta
Human Being-Animal Relationship,a Peculiar Agrotouristic Product of Contemporany Urban Demand, but at the Same Time a Dominant One for the Future Decades Savoiu Gheorghe
The Formation and Improvement of the Conditioned Reflexes of the Working Dog with the Purpose of Processing the Tracks of Human Scent, Drugs and Explosives Tataruca Sergiu Calin
Weaning Lambs of Diary Breed at 20 Days of Age and Cheap Rearing with Whole Grain and Pelleted Protein Concentrate Todorov Nicolai
Researches about Influence of Feed Paramethers on Slaughtering Performances in Bio Chickens Tudorache Minodora
Researches Regarding the Dynamics of Body Development and Feed Consumption in Youth Buffaloes in Romania Vidu Livia
Influence on the Breed Limousin and Simmnral on the Quality of Carcass Biological Pure-Bred Male Calves Yanko Nikolov Gorinov
Seroprevalence of Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae in Sowsfrom 6 Farms in Serbia Zutic Jadranka
Identification of Different Bacterial Agents Inporcine Lung Tissue Zutic M.