Romania 2011

Section 3:Reproduction, Physiology, Anatomy

Report Name


The Effect of Genotype and Age of Hen on Haugh Units of Hens Djekic Vera
Effect of Feeding with Different Dietary Protein Level on Leukocytes Population in Juvenile Siberian Sturgeon, Acipenser Baeri, Brandt Docan Angelica
Effects of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione on in Vitro Maturation of New Zealand White and Baladi Black Rabbit Oocytes Dorra T.M.
The Digestive Utilization of Iron and Copper in the Swine Growing Organis Marin Monaca
The Effect of Breed,Body Condition Score and Age of Ewe on the Reproductive Performance of Ewes in Breeding Season Mesut Yıldırır
Comparative Efficacy of Allopathic, Herbal, Homepathic and Effective Micro-Organisms for the Control of Haemochosis in Sheep & Goats Muhammad Fiaz Qamar
Anatomical and Morphometrical Features of Abdominal Organs in a Specified Group of Yorkshire Pigs: an Anatomic Guide Forlaparoscopic Surgery Courses Okan Ekim
Comparison of PRID + PGF + GNRH and GNRH + PGF + GNRH Protocols in the Treatment of Postpartum Anestrus Cows Osman Ergene
Body Morphometry of the Short Beaked Common Dolphin on the Eastern Coast of the Turkish Black Sea Oto Çagdas
Possibilities of Early Pregnancy Diagnosis Using Blood Serum Progesterone Test in Kilis Cows Özel Şeker
Content and Discontent with Open Moet Farms Paraschivescu Marcel
Factors Affecting Days Open in Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo Cows Peeva Tz.
Longevity and Liffe Reproductive Efficiency in Arabian Broodmares Sabeva Iliana
Researches Concerning the Reproduction Activity Analyze in a Dairy Farm Supplying Ploiesti Area Tapaloaga Paul Rodian
Inducing and Starting the Parturition in Swine with the Medicinal Product Reglandin D-(+) - Cloprostenol, Synthesis Analogue of Natural Prostaglandines F2A Toba George
The Influence of Season and Age in the Hematologic Parameters of Sheep Vasilika Dini