Romania 2011

Section 2:Genetics and Breeding

Report Name


The Effects of Fenugreek Seeds on the Performance and Some Carcass Traits of Quail Chicks Ali Aygun
The Growth Curve in Malya Sheeps Aytekin R.G.
Turkey's Sheep and Sheep Management Aytekin İbrahim
Genetic Markers in Two Pig Populations Bacila Vasile
Comparison Between a Sire Model and an Animal Model for Genetic Variance Components Estimation of Milk Yield Traits in Friesian Cows El Awady
Researches on Some Physiological and Morphological Traits of Holstain Friesian Cows Raised in Registered Herds in Konya Ermetin Orhan
Egg Production During the Artificial Molting and a New Laying Cycle of Aged Hens Gjorgovska
Results and Persperctives in Improving and Using Breeds of Swine in the Republic of Moldova Harea V.
The Structure of MHC (Major Histocompability Complex)Genes and Molecules in Ruminants İlhan Fatma
Analyses of Genetic Markers in Romanian Black Spotted Cattle Breed İsfan Nicoleta
Investigation of Relationships Between Body Measurements and Lactation Milk Yield in Maltese Goats by Path Analysis İsmail Keskin
Checking of Level Carry Over as Prevention of Contamination in Feed Mills Jovanka Levic
The Determination of Fattening Performance with Somebody Measurements and Carcass Traits of Malya Lambs at the Open Sheepfol Karabacak Ali
Partial Results Regarding the Genetic Analysis of Girdan Horse From Tulucesti Studfarm:Reproductive Isolation and Age Structure Maftei Marius
Estimate of the Genetical Stock Silkworm Races for Parthenogenetic Development Predisposition Matei Alexandra
Genetic polymorphims of MLPH gene in Czech pointer breed Michal Gabor
Bovine LEP and LEPR gene polymorphisms in population of Slovak spotted bulls Moravcikova Nina
Goat Breeding and Goat Breeds in Turkey Öztürk Ayhan
The Effect of Breed and the Body Condition Score in Economic Traits of Sheep Salim Omar Raoof
Challenges Faces By Bulgarian Agriculture in the Context of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and the Europe 2020 Strategy Slavov R.
Reproductive and Molecular Tools for Animal Genetic Resources Conservation and Breeding Socol Claudia
Conservation of Romanian Brown Breed in order to Preserve Biodiversity Sonea Cristinel
Feed Intake,Feed Efficiency, Growth and Their Relationship with Kleiber Ratio in Lori-Bakhtiari Lambs Talebi Mohammad Ali
Selection and Breeding of Bulgarian Rhodopean Cattle with Respect to Milk Proteins Polymorphism Teofanova Denitsa