Romania 2011

Section 1:Nutrition, Ecology

Report Name


Use of Different Silages as New Feed Resources for Ruminants Akila HAMZA
Effects of Different Levels of Boron Supplementation to Diet on Performance and Boron Mineralization in Some Tissues of Broilers Alp Önder Yıldız
The Investigation of Benzo(a) Pyrene B(a)P Levels in Poultry Feed N. Altındis
The Bio Diversity of the Invertebrate Fauna from the Viticulture Ecosystem Cristian "Dealul Boilor" and its Importance Uponecosanogenesis of the Agrarian Ecosystem Antonie Juliana
Research in Poultry Feeding Using Mathematical Modelling System for the evaluation of the feeding value of the forages and of the feeding norms for poultry Burlacu Radu
The Effect of Praymix Bionorm K on the Digestibility of Nutrients by Breeding Pigs Cainsin Larisa
Using Enterosorbent Praimix Alfasob in Feeding Growing Piglets Caisin Larisa
Fatty Acid Composition of Herbivorous Fish Species Cirkovic Miroslav
Farm Animal Welfare and Society Cziszter Ludovic
The Effect of Fresh and Frozen Pre-Fermented Juice on the Fermentation Quality of First-Cut Lucerne Silage Denek N.
The Impact of Diet on Meat Quality of Common Carp Dragana Ljubojevik
Effect of Feed Uniformity (Particle Distribution) and Particle Size of Starter and Finisher Diets on the Performance and Carcaas Weight in Japanese Quail Fatma Karahan
Amaranth (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus)as a New Forage Source Fazaeli Hassan
Multi-Enriched Eggs with Omega 3Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and Selenium Gjorgovska Natasha
Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activity of some probiotic fractions with potential clinical application Iordache Florin
Using Fungi to Increase the Nutritional Value, Protein Content and Digestibility of Lignosellulosic Wastes for Animal Nutritio İsmail Bayram
The Effect of Utilisation of Black Cumin and Parsley in Laying Quail Diets on Egg Yield, Egg Quality and Hatchabilit İsmail Bayram
Determination of Chemical Compositions and Digestibility of Legumes Straw in West of Iran Karami Morteza
Broad Spectrum Enzymatic Agent Ronozyme Wx in Pig Feeding Konoenko S.I
Effect of Yeast on Fermentability, Microbial Population and Digestibility Low Quality Roughage Mardiati Zain
Researches Concerning the Influence of Feeding the Bombyx Mori Species Silkworm Mulberry Leaves Contaminated With PB Maria Ichim
Research on the use in piglet premixes of organic sources of Cu, obtained by biotechnologies, with the purpose to promote animal and human healt Mihaila Claudia
Effect of Probiotics to the Production of One-Year Old Tench and Common Carp Miscevici Mirjana
Nutritional evaluation of berseem 2- Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on berseem fed as silage to goat Mohsen M.
Nutritional evaluation of berseem 3- Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on berseem fed as hay to goat Mohsen M.
Ethanol Production and Evaluation of sweet sorghum using gas production technique, in vitro Nesser Mohamed
Forage Feeding Value Evaluation of Perennial Grass and Legume Species in Pure Stands and Mixtures Naydenova Yordanka
Fisheries Management in the Context of Romanian Seaside Area of Sustainabel Use of Fisheries Resources Nacolae Carmen
Effect of the neutral electrolyzed water (ANK) on broiler performancel Oteanu Margareta
Researches Regarding the Optimization of Some Nutritional Factors to Improvement of the Dietetic Quality of Lambs Pogurschi Elena
Quality of Surface and Well Water in Teleorman County Popa Dana
Lipid Deposition and Fatty Acid Composition of Some Adipose Depots in Lambs Fed Coconut Oil Supplemented Diet Popova Teodora
Nutritive Value Some of Range Species Consumed by Sheep and Goats in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Provience, West of Iran - Chemical Composition Shadnoush G.R
Nutritive Value Some of Range Species Consumed by Sheep and Goats in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Provience, West of Iran - Cell Wall Contents and in Vitro Digestibility Shadnoush G.R
Nutritional Software to Formulate and Evaluate Feed Rations to Sheep and Lambs Surdu I.
Aplicatii Software Pentru Otimizarea si Evaluarea Ratiilor de Hrana La Animalele de Ferma Surdu I.
Monitoring the Hygiene wwith th eMethod of Bioluminescence of the Production Dutch Cheese Type Talevskj Goce
Monitoring the Hygiene wwith th eMethod of Bioluminescence of the Production Dutch Cheese Type Todorovaq Mariya
Effects of Lecithin Supplementation in Standard Diet for Weaned Pigs on Growth Performance and Blood Cholesterol Level Vicovan Adriana
The effect of carbon source on carotenoids production by Rhodotorula Voaides Catalina
Effects of Different Sources of Boron Supplementation to Diet on Egg Shell Quality and Bone Characteristics in Laying Hens Yusuf Cufagar