Kosovo (Prizren Meeting)

Livestock Farming Systems and Marketing Poster Presentations

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BM8_P2769 A Survey for Current Status of Karacabey Merino Sheep Breeders Mehmet İhsan Soysal, Eser Kemal Gürcan, Emel Özkan Ünal, Önder Eken
BM8_P2913 The Effect of Lactic Acid and Basillus Bacteries on Beef Cattle Manure Compost Process And Quality Alper Onenc
BM8_P2682 Investigation of Ventilation And Lighting Systems Sufficiency in Closed Type Traditional Water Buffalo Barns In Turkey Israfil Kocaman, Cömert Kurç
BM8_P2683 Determination of Project Outdoor Temperature According to Different Seasons For Planning of Animal Production Structures Located in the Thrace Part of Istanbul Province Israfil Kocaman, Cömert Kurç, Can Burak Sisman
BM8_P2681 A Study on Mist Cooling System in the Water Buffalo Barn Israfil Kocaman, Can Burak Sisman, Cömert Kurç, Erhan Gezer
BM8_P2826 Ornamental Fish Culture in A Fully Controlled Recirculating Systems Çetin Yağcilar, Fatih Özen, Cemal Polat
BM8_P2690 Evaluation of Livestock Farmİng Organizations in Turkey in Terms of Agricultural Supports Gülen Özdemir, İbrahim Halil Bakır
BM8_P2901 Comparison of Two Methods Using Measurement of the Surface Area of the M. Longissimus Dorsi (mld) Aykut Asım Akbaş, Mehmet Sarı, Ozkan Elmaz, Mustafa Saatci
BM8_P2733 Characteristics, Productivity and Using Areas of Bee Venom Recep Sirali, Dilruba Aksoy
BM8_P2691 Bovine Breeding in Yozgat Province And It’s Importance for Turkey Orhan Ermetin, Ahmet Haşim Keskin