Kosovo (Prizren Meeting)

Reproduction, Physiology, Anatomy Poster Presentations

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BM8_P2640 Artificial Reproduction of Nile Tilapia (oreochromis Niloticus) Under Controlled Conditions İlker Yavaş, Yusuf Bozkurt, Tugba Korkmaz Yavas  
BM8_P2731 Specialization of Lingual Structures in the Avian Tongue Serkan Erdoğan, Shin-Ichi Iwasaki  
BM8_P2735 Function-related Morphological Features of the Avian Tongue Serkan Erdoğan, Shin-Ichi Iwasaki  
BM8_P2678 Superfood Spirulina Platensis And Animal Feeding Nilay Seyidoglu  
BM8_P2687 Human Animal Bond and Interaction Nilay Seyidoglu, Gürsel Dinç  
BM8_P2707 Relationship Between Body Condition Score In Dry Period Or Different Lactation Days And Selected Reproductive Parameters In Dairy Cow Nurcan Karslıoğlu Kara, Mehmet Koyuncu  
BM8_P2744 Studies On Life Cycles Of Nasonia Vitripennis (pteromalidae:hymenoptera) on Calliphora Vicina (calliphoridae:diptera) As Forensic Indicator in Turkey, New Record Lütfiye Gençer, Yakup Şenyüz, Hasan Ari
BM8_P2629 Association Heat Shock Protein With Some Physiological Parameters In Goats Nazan Koluman, Serap Goncu