Romania (Bucharest Meeting)

Section 6:Manufacturing Technologies for Evaluation of Agriculture Products

Report Name


Research Concerning the Milk Quality Produced in se Romania Maloş Iuliu Gabriel, Gabriela Maloş, Daniela Ianitchi, Dana Sandulescu
The Influence Polyphosphates Adding int the Composition of Meat Preparations Daniela Ianitchi, Georgeta Dinita, Gabriela Maloş
New Trends in Food Packaging Mona Popa
Quality of Bulgarian Yoghurt Produced from Sheep Milk of Different Breeds S.Denev, G.Mihaylova, I.Stankov, M.Petev
Comparative Study on Fattening and Meat Production of Fine-Wooled and Cross Breed Lambs in Complex Experimental Station - Yambol Mitko Petev, Stanimir Stoychev, Ivan Stankov, Kina Sivkova