Romania (Bucharest Meeting)

Section 5:Animal Husbandry Technology

Report Name


Ecological Agriculture - Alternative of Conventionally Agriculture Bacila Vasile
The Value of some Carcass Indices of Suina Slaughtered in S.R.P. "Victoria" Abbatoir, Cluj County Ilie Cornoiu
Study Concerning on some Morphological Features in Sows of Bazna Breed, Grown in Private Farms of Cluj County Incidence Ilie Cornoiu, Mirela E.Cadar
Comparative Study of Biological Symptoms of Generations of B.Mori L.Coming from Parents Forming Normal or Double Cocoons MIHAIL PANAYOTOV
Case Study: Artificial Raising of an Orphan Foal Flavia Bochiş, Silvia Erina, Tapalaga I., Keresztesi L.
Situation of Sheep Barns in Tekirdağ District C.B.Şişman, S.Albut, A.N.Yüksel
Stray Voltage Problems in Dairy Farm; Symptoms and Solutions Erkan Gönülol, Birol Kayışoğlu, Cihangir Sağlam
The Removing Floss Machine (MCS-20) Alexandra Matei, Cristian Iacomi, Marieta Ciulu, Ovidiu Mateescu
Research on the Influence of the food Supply Quantitiy During the Winter on the Bee Families' Development in the Spring Aurelia Chirila, Silvia Patruica, Lilica Coclea, Mariana Cuzic
Research Concerning the Climate Influence Over the Bees Harvest Activities and Honey Producing Plants Evolution Aurelia Chirila, Lilica Coclea, Mariana Cuzic
Influence of Some Genetic and Environmental Factors on Udder Milk-Producing Ability in Romanian Black and White D. Colceri
The Outlines and Importance Turkish Animal Husbandry in Turkish Economy Comparing with E.U. Countries A.Gürel, M.İ.Soysal, M.Özder
Sheep Husbandry in Thrace Region Ertan Koycu, Yusuf Vanlı, Muhittin Özder
Study on the Influence of Some Factors on the Principal Slaughter Indices in Bullocks Roumen Otouzbirov
Analysis of Factors Influencing the Prime Cost of Sheep-Breeding Products in of Coridel Breed and Coridel and Texel Crossbreed Hristo Momchilov
A Case Study of the Development of Prime Cost and Prices of Sheep-Breeding Products for Sheep Farms in the Southeast of Bulgaria Ivan Georgiev, Hristo Momchilov
Possibilities of Using Dairy Compounds Exposed to Different Treatments in Dairy Cow's Feeding Betül Zehra Sarıçiçek
Study Regarding the Growth Dynamics of Certain Muscles in Young Romanian Spotted Bulls Acatincai S., Cziszter L.T., Kereszteşi L., Tripon I.
Hay Feeding Delay and Its Effect on Growth of Calves Cziszter L.T., Stanciu G., Acatincai S., Budai A.
Study on Relation between Precocity and Productive and Reproductive Traits in Brown Cows Adriana Pop, A.Pop, C.Plugaru
Comparative Study on Consumption Speed of the Forages Administered in Two and Three Portions in Romanian Black and White Cows Erina Silvia, Stanciu G.,Bochiş Flavia, Sala R.
Study on Some Productiv Indicators in Frizian Cows Breed from Teleorman Area Vidu Livia, Gavan C., Bran Mariana
Research on Forced Fattening Performances of Some Duck Hybrids with Different Paternal Origin I. Custura, Elena Popescu Micloşanu, I.Van, Minodora Tudorache
Oductive Performances in Raising Mollards with Different Paternal Origin Elena Popescu Micloşanu, Consuela Roibu, I.Custura, Minodora Tudorache
Results Obtained in Slaughtering of Different Interspecific Meat Duck Hybrids Minodora Tudorache, Elena Popescu Micloşanu, I.Van, I.Custura
Analysis of the Production Costs in the Different Housing Systems for Commercial Layers: Aviary Systems, Free Range and Cages Georgi Zhelyazkov, Nadka Kostadinova
Considerations upon Economical and Financial Activity in Private Firms for Animal Slaughtering and Meat Processing Agatha Popescu
Research Regarding the Morpho-Productive Parameters to the Carpathine Goat Breed, Rearing in the Small Private Unities from Periphery Area of Bucharest City I.Raducuta, Iuliana Cranganu