Romania (Bucharest Meeting)

Section 3:Feeding and Ecology

Report Name


Insaturated Groups Fatty Acid in the Milk Produced from Sheep Grazing on Mountain Pastures G.Mihaylova, G.Jahreis, Ts.Odjakova, P.Moeckel, L.Angelov, V.Kafedjiev
The Economic Impact on Dairy Cows Feeding with Rations Based on Sudan Grass Agatha Popescu, Dihoru Alexandrina, Pop Smaranda, Voicu Ilie
Research Concerning Market Capacity of Compound Food Based on Corn Ditilered Grain,Produced by I.B.A.N for Pig Feeding Agatha Popescu, Monica Iliescu, Tatiana Panaite, Elena Ionitescu
Methods and Techniques of Treatment and Reusing of the Used Waters Dana Sandulescu, Andra Şuler, R.Al.Popa, G.Maloş, M.Maftei
Increase of Calcium Bioavailibility in Mixed Forage to Improve the Egg Shell Quality Liliana Stoica, Maria Costei
Evaluation of Raising Dietary Protein and Izocaloric Energy in the Feed Against Aflatoxin B1 in Broiler Chicks Çelik, K1 Okan, F2 Denli, M2 Ersoy, İ.E1
Determination of Some Agricultural Characters in Field Pea(Pisum Arvense L.) Lines at Tekirdağ(Turkey) Ecological Conditions Ali Servet Tekeli, Ertan Ateş
Organic Agriculture in Turkey Levent Arın, M.İhsan Soysal, Muhittin Özder
Production of Pasture and Rangeland of Trakya Region and Their Problems Murat Altın, Adnan Orak, Canan Tuna
Determination of Forage Yield and Some Important Characteristics of Hybrid Maize (Zea Mays) and Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolour) Varieties A.Orak, İ.Başer, İ.Nizam, O.Bilgin
Researches Concerning the Influence of Mineral Nutrition on the Ewes During the Period of Gestation on the Quality of the Pelts of Karakul Lambs D. Dragotoiu, Monica Marin, Tomita Dragotoiu, Pana C., Elena Pogurschi
Researches Concerning the Digestive Utilization of Methionine to Broiler Chicks Monica Marin, D. Dragotoiu, Liliana Stoica, Elena Pogurschi
Researches Concerning the Influence of Lysine Level by the Mixed Fodder Destined to Pigs on Fattening D. Dragotoiu, Monica Marin, Pana C., Elena Pogurschi
The Increase of Economic Efficiency in Broilers Fattening by Using of Diets Based on Full Fat Soybean Agatha Popescu, Rodica Criste
Effect of the Multienzyme Protozin-A on the Level of Some Hematological Parameters of Sheep Kina Sivkova, Veselin Radev, Penka Todorova, Marin Todorov, Encho Enev
Effect of Dietary Addition of Probiotics (Mannanoligasaccharides) or Antibiotics (Virginiamycin) on Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) S.S.Parlat,A.Ö.Yıldız and O. Yazgan
Models for Growth Simulation and Feed Utilization by Broilers R.Burlacu
Calculation of the Energy and Nutrient Requirement in Pigs by Mathematical Modelling of the Metabolism Processes R.Burlacu
Problems Concerning the Sustenable Agriculture Development in Egg Production Lazar Cristina, Pelmus Rodica, Pasalau Carmen, Condrea Draganescu
Essential Oils-Possible Feed Additives in Broiler Chickens Feeding Lavinia Ştef, Dan Drinceanu, Ioan Luca, Rodica Caprita
Changes in the Aetiological Parameters of Sheep That had Received the Multienzyme Protozin-A with Their Diet Ivan Varlyakov, Veselin Radev, Kina Sivkova
Implications of β-Glucanase and Pentosanase Enzymes in Low Energy Low Protein Barley and Wheat Based Broiler Diets N.Şenköylü, H.Akyürek, H.E.Şamlı
Impacts of Xylanase, Β-Glucanase, Pectinase and Hemicellulase on Soybean, Sunflower and Cotton Seed Meals in Broiler Diets A.Agma, N.Şenköylü, H.Akyürek, H.E.Şamlı
An Investigation on the Spreading of the Silage Production in Turkey: an Example for the Administration of Agricultural Directorate of Tekirdağ Province A.Gürel, F.Koç
Effect of the Multienzyme Protozin on the Level of Volatile Fatty Acids in the Digestive System of Rabbits Veselin Radev, Kina Sivkova, Encho Enev, Ivan Varlyakov
The Response of Japonese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) to Diets Providing Constant Levels of Some Critical Amino Acids and Various Metabolizable Energy A.O.Yıldız, S.S.Parlat, O.Yazgan
Effect of Balances Fertilization with Macro and Micro Elements on Mulberry Leaves Production Hisham Greiss, Georgeta Dinita, Zdravko Petkov, Doina Brailoiu Tanase